• Bruceine A

    English name: Bruceine A
    CAS registration number: 25514-31-2
    Molecular formula: C26H34O11
    Molecular weight: 522.549
    Appearance: off-white crystalline powder

  • cordycepin

    Product NameCordyceps militaris powder
    ColorBrown yellow and White
    Immunomodulatory and antitumor
    ApplicationHealth-care Products, Food, Cosmetic
    GradeFood and Cosmetic
    PackagePackaging according to customer requirements.
    Shelf Time2 Years
    StorgePackaging according to customer requirements.
  • Jervine

    ​Product name: Jervine

    CAS No.:469-59-0

    Molecular Formula:C27H39NO3

    Molecular Weight: 425.60346

  • Natural Plant extract Naringenin

    Naringenin is a natural flavonoid and is widely present in the rue family pomelo. It is mainly derived from naringin hydrolysis and has white needle-like crystals. It is widely used in food, medicine, health products and other fields.

  • parthenolide

    Product Name Parthenolide
    Specification0.3%, 0.8%,98%
    ColorBrown and White
    ApplicationHealth-care Products
    Extraction TypeSolvent Extraction
    Analytical methodHPLC-DAD or / and HPLC-ELSD
    CertificateOrganic, GMP, ISO, Kosher, food certificate,GMO free
    Melting point115 ° C
    PackagingDRUM, Plastic Container
    Shelf life2 Years
    Storage4 ℃ refrigerated, sealed and protected from light