Weifang Huazhi Biological Technology Co., Ltd., a factory directly affiliated to Nanjing Spring & Autumn Biological Engineering Co., Ltd.,  awarded the Food Production License in February 2020. The certification body’s auditing experts inspected the sanitation of the production workshop, Company passed the accurate and rigorous testing of the production products (through third-party testing), It inspected the quality policy of the product, the completion of the quality goals, and the control of the entire process. Therefore, the experts unanimously approved our company’s “Food Production License” qualification, and formally issued the “Food Production License” in February 2020. Which can be produced: solid drinks (food solid drinks, edible fungus solid drinks). The successful application of the “Food Production License” has become our company’s next important engine for rapid growth.

Our company adheres to quality first.It has been affirmed and highly praised by review experts.

Food production license change SC issued on October 1, when the new Food Safety Law will be officially implemented. After the “Measures for the Administration of Food Production Licenses” are implemented, the “QS” mark on food will be cancelled. According to the new regulations, food producers who have newly obtained food production permits and food replacement permits should mark the new food production license number on the food packaging or label, and there is no longer mark “QS”. Packaging and labels with the “QS” logo that are kept by food producers who can continue to be used. From October 1, 2018, food produced by food producers may no longer use the original packaging, labeling and “QS” mark. The new food production license number consists of the letters “SC” and plus 14 Arabic numerals.